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Portrait of my son in charcoal

Nine For Now

    Because alliteration’s awesome

Reading: Quiet, by Susan Caine, is a book about being an introvert. I’m only about a third of the way into it, but I’m having that feeling when you find a book that really gets you.

    A book that didn’t get me: Captain Underpants: The Bionic Booger Boy. What the fresh hell is this? I literally thought I was going to throw up as I read it to my boys. They loved it, and I’m trying to encourage reading and be non-judgmental about their (lack of) taste, but it was too much. I told the six year old he would have to read any future Captain Underpants books to himself. 

Watching: I have been watching movies like crazy lately. I watched 31 films during the month of December. In September I upgraded my Hulu subscription to Hulu + Live TV, so I could watch college football. This upgrade comes with TCM, and I came for football, and stayed for the movies. 

    I’ve mostly been watching mid-centrury rom-coms, including Dream Wife, which is a bit cringe of a movie, but is worth it for 90 minutes of Deborah Kerr being elegant and smirking at Cary Grant while he makes a fool of himself. Speaking of those two, I rewatched An Affair To Remember, which is currently my front runner for most purely romantic movie ever. Change my mind if you like. I also rewatched Notorious, which is a nearly perfect movie. 

It wasn’t all good. I saw a couple of movies with disturbingly bad attitudes towards and expectations of widowed mothers (Holiday Affair; My Reputation); and even worse for unwed mothers (My Foolish Heart). 

Things I’ve Had to Say: “I do not mediate between people who are not wearing underwear.” 

    It was before 7 a.m. Boundaries.

Art: My 2022 art goal of doing 50 paintings is going. I’ve done two, so I’m off schedule, but not insurmountably so. Check out my Instagram for works in progress and finished pieces. 

Audiobooks: Fire & Blood, the history of Westeros from the imagination of George R. R. Martin, leads me to believe that more novelists should write history books. 

    Rich People Problems, by Kevin Kwan. The beyond first-world problems of the ultra-uber-rich. It’s a crazy world to buzz around in as a fly on the wall. Makes me crave Chinese food like mad though. 

Podcasts: Orange Wave: The History of the Religious Right Since 1960 The 10 episode miniseries tracks how Evangelicalism became a political identity rather than a religious distinctive. I’m half-way through and the show is fascinating in a disturbing, depressing way. 

Music: For people who didn’t like Encanto (too long, too many songs, too girl-centric), my boys have been singing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” a lot. Also my genius plan of playing The Sound of Music soundtrack in the car whenever they’re being too obnoxious is paying off. They now both break out into singing “My Favorite Things” unprompted. 

Travel: Ha!

Useful App: BibleProject has a new app for reading through and learning how to study the Bible. It’s a great synthesis of all the wonderful material they produced: videos, podcasts, lessons, blogs, study guides, etc. Highly recommend. 

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Stay charming, my friends

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