The Nine for June 2022

June is always a great month because it’s my birthday! Obviously not as exciting as it was 30 years ago, but getting a free frappuccino from Starbucks and free chip and dip from Chipotle puts a smile on my face.June also means that school’s out for my two kids. No more alarms and making lunches. … Continue reading The Nine for June 2022

The Nine for April 2022

TCM–April’s “Star of the Month” on TCM was Errol Flynn, so this month’s newsletter is mostly going to be fangirling pretty hard! If you don’t know this about me, Errol Flynn has been one of my favorite actors since I saw The Adventures of Robin Hood when I was 9. I’ve mostly been watching some … Continue reading The Nine for April 2022

The Nine for March 2022

Swimming–I’m not a very strong swimmer, but I wanted to add swimming to my exercise routine because I need to do more cardio, and I hate running. So I signed up for a 4 week class at the rec center. I was not the worst person in attendance, which is always a little gratifying. I … Continue reading The Nine for March 2022

Nine For Now- February Newsletter

Podcast Jane and Jesus is a podcast hosted by Karen Swallow Prior, an author and professor. Each episode she talks to a guest about one particular character or theme from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It’s like being back at college in my British Novel class; I can’t really put words to how delightful … Continue reading Nine For Now- February Newsletter

Nine For Now- January Newsletter

This month's newsletter is coming out later than I had hoped. I blame snow, sickness and asynchronous learning days. In the future this newsletter will be available in your inbox rather than on the blog, so if you enjoy it, please make sure to subscribe. For now, here are nine things from my life. Portrait … Continue reading Nine For Now- January Newsletter

The TV Show You Should Be Watching Right Now

Smart? Check. Character driven? Check. Female leads (yes, plural) who pass the Bechdel test? Check. Wait, what? Yes, folks, it's real. AMC's Halt and Catch Fire (HACT) is the show you should be watching right now. The show quickly moved from being about 2 guys and their volatile and brilliant female coder building a laptop … Continue reading The TV Show You Should Be Watching Right Now

How Drawing 1,000 Faces Made Me A (Slightly) Better Person

After deciding that I wanted to get better at art, I did what you would expect; I YouTubed it. I found a channel by a guy named Sycra Yassin (Sycra), and I began going through his beginners playlist. The most helpful video I watched was one on how to get better at drawing, or how … Continue reading How Drawing 1,000 Faces Made Me A (Slightly) Better Person