The Nine for June 2022

June is always a great month because it’s my birthday! Obviously not as exciting as it was 30 years ago, but getting a free frappuccino from Starbucks and free chip and dip from Chipotle puts a smile on my face.June also means that school’s out for my two kids. No more alarms and making lunches. … Continue reading The Nine for June 2022

Nine For Now- February Newsletter

Podcast Jane and Jesus is a podcast hosted by Karen Swallow Prior, an author and professor. Each episode she talks to a guest about one particular character or theme from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It’s like being back at college in my British Novel class; I can’t really put words to how delightful … Continue reading Nine For Now- February Newsletter

Are You Nerd Enough?

Fakers. There are too many people pretending to be nerds these days.  I know many people who think that they are nerds, but they are not.  It has become so easy to be a “nerd.”  It’s almost cool, and that's not nerdy at all. Define “Nerd” The hard thing is nailing down what makes a … Continue reading Are You Nerd Enough?