Sin City and the Art of Adaptation

The images in Sin City may be black and white, but the morals certainly aren't. Frank Miller created a series of comics, now generally collected in to seven volumes, that tells the stories of one singularly corrupt town.  He exposes the underbelly of a city full of thugs, hit men, dirty politics and polluted justice. … Continue reading Sin City and the Art of Adaptation

Are You Nerd Enough?

Fakers. There are too many people pretending to be nerds these days.  I know many people who think that they are nerds, but they are not.  It has become so easy to be a “nerd.”  It’s almost cool, and that's not nerdy at all. Define “Nerd” The hard thing is nailing down what makes a … Continue reading Are You Nerd Enough?

SuperMan: Red Son

Caveat:  This post delves into my nerdy side. I probably should have waited until I had more readers "hooked" before I went here, but I figure we might as well be upfront about this relationship.   I'm new to the comics/graphic novel world, but I must say I kind of love it.  I am not a … Continue reading SuperMan: Red Son